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Classic Miu Miu - St. Cocco Lux Iphone Case in Nero

If you want to start your Miu Miu collection with a little affordable accessory, an iphone case is the perfect one. They are hard to come by online and at 100 Euro it's a steal! They are also available at Miu Miu stores in Vernice Fiocco Metal and the Vernice Ruches lines.

In the mean time, a classic one in St. Cocco Lux in nero is available here.


More Mia Wasikowska for Miu Miu Spring 2012!

As usual, a super nice matelasse bag had to be a part of the new Spring 2012 collection. The bag follows two trends two trends: colorblocking in a pastel color. And by the looks of it: lambskin! Can't wait to see this in real life!!!

This one has the Frida Kahlo meets Nanny McPhee look about it. The bag and the hair, everything.

More Miu Miu bags and clothing for sale following this link.


Miu Miu On Twitter #4 - Beaded Collar Dress

It's lunch break and what am I doing? Looking for Miu Miu eye candy on twitter! And lunch, what lunch? Delicious peanut chicken with rice noodles to keep me happy (cooked by yours truly.) So, going back to Miu Miu, it's amazing the detailed eye candy one can found on Twitter. Take the Beaded Collar Dress for example, the crystals and pearls together, it's so beautiful! The best description is the one given by the owner of the picture: "Miu Miu does the best collars."

This dress is available for sale for 1365 Euro here.

Image credit: Helenahay via Twitter.


Miu Miu In The Magazines #85 - Allure February 2012

Constance Jablonski wearing a Miu Miu top and cotton skirt from the Spring 2012 collection. More Miu Miu clothing for sale here.


Why I Love Miu Miu - Reason #3 - St. Razza Textured Leather Sandals 


The important word here is texture: St. Razza to be exact. The first time I fell in love with Miu Miu I had no experience with leather bags. In fact, I knew nothing about Miu Miu leathers. I remember smelling a coffer for the first time and feeling intoxicated (yes, I am that kind of person.)

The smell of a glazed calfskin Miu Miu bag is my own personal drug. Though I love glazed calfskin and lambskin, I can't say the same about the St. Cocco Lux line, I guess it's a matter of personal taste as there is no other particular reason for my not liking it.

And now, there's another line, the St. Razza, with a totally different texture and feel. I will not even try to describe it as I am really bad at giving descriptions in English so you're just gonna have to trust the pictures and go to your nearest Miu Miu store to believe me. The first time I saw a St. Razza was with the Nappa Metal bags that came out Spring 2011 though I didn't see them in St. Razza texture until later last year.

The St. part of the name stands for Stampa by the way. And so far, I am loving it! Hopefully, we will see more Miu Miu items in this texture soon!

The St. Razza textured leather sandal in Peonia is available for 330 Euro here.