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Eye Candy #188 - Nappa Cloquet Portachiavi (Keyholder) in Nero

Never as exciting as the new Vernice Fiocco Metal keyholders, there's also a Nappa Cloquet keyholder, classic, nice, but not as pretty.

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Eye Candy #187 - Pattina Madras Top Handle Bag from Resort 2012

From the Madras line, there's a new top handle bag, similar to the ones that first came out Spring 2011, this time with a smaller flap and a bigger sized bag. I really like it, but I am definitely not liking the USD 1695 price tag! 

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Eye Candy #186 - Vernice Fiocco Metal Wallet in Nero

Vernice Fiocco Metal wallet in Nero and Scarlatto (the small red part in the bow.) Once again: I adore Miu Miu!

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Eye Candy #185 - Closeup of Vernice Fiocco Metal Wallet in Antico - Orchidea


This ia closeup of a Vernice Fiocco Metal wallet in Antico, the light pink color in the bow is Orchidea. Those two colors along with Scarlatto and Nero are the four colors in this collection (that I have seen and know of.) My favorite is Antico, hence the picture.

The bow is just breathtaking! And the logo is the right size, it's there but it's not a Miu Miu advertisement! After seeing this wallets I have no idea how someone could spend a lot of money on wallets that are full of logos instead of one as pretty and delicate as this one!

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In Love With Vernice Fiocco Metal From Resort 2012!

I had planned on posting about the Vernice Fiocco Metal line this week but then it became available online at and it wasn't that exciting anymore. This line is the very reason I am in love with Miu Miu: just when I think I have seen it all, they release a new line of accessories that makes me swoon! I literally started laughing with excitement (yes, I am that crazy about Miu Miu) when I first saw this wallets and long Vernice Ruches wallets, welcome Vernice Fiocco Metal! It makes me want to buy an Ipad just so I can carry it around in one of those super fantastic cases. This line is simply perfect! 

P.S. Santa, I've been good this year....can I get one of this?