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Eye Candy #214 - Vernice Fiocco Metal Wallet in Acquamarina

Now that the Holiday season is over and the first colors the Vernice Fiocco Metal line came out have sold out, there are new colors coming out. One of them is Acquamarina. I mentioned the other day how different this color looks in nappa vernice than in the glazed calfskin version of it. Like, two totally different colors with the same name. I am not complaining as I like both. This Spring is the season for pastel shades!

More Miu Miu accessories for sale here.


Eye Candy #213 - Coffer Bag in Peonia and Cipria from Spring 2012

Two colors are big this Spring: Peonia and Cipria. We will be seeing tons of bags in this two opposite colors. One bright, the other pale, both pink and lovely. If it were up to me to buy a bag in one of the two I would go for Peonia. I remember when I first started getting bag crazy, I got two bright pink bags that I used and loved for a really long time. But, pastel shades are very trendy this season so Cipria is also a super cool color.

Miu Miu bags for following this link.


Miu Miu In The Magazines #84 - Vogue US February 2012 - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift for Vogue US wearing boots from the Spring 2012 Miu Miu collection. Miu Miu shoe shopping here and here!


Why I Love Miu Miu - Reason #1 - Ayers Snakeskin Peep Toe Pumps

I adore Miu Miu so much I decided to start this website so other Miu Miu lovers can get their daily dose of the brand. When I first started it I never imagined I would end up loving it as much as I love it. Little did I know I could also help people with the (little) Miu Miu knowledge I have collected through the years. Or just provide for fun Miu Miu eye candy, colors to be available in a seson, celebrities wearing the brand, the colleciton, fashion shows, etc.

While trying to provide as much information as I've been able to find, I have also discovered one thing: Miu Miu never ceases to amaze me. The fashion, the bold prints, the fun shoes, the Matelasse bags, the Resort collections are among many reasons why I am a Miu Miu addict. Today I decided to start a more personal section in this blog called "Why I love Miu Miu."

Because at that exact moment when I feel like I am getting bored (it happens often,) I find a Miu Miu article that makes me swoon, and then...I am hooked again! Since I get bored very often, the fact that Miu Miu manages to do that to me is pretty amazing. I guess that is the number one reason why I love Miu Miu so much.

But today, the #1 reason why I love Miu Miu are it's colors: there's a color I had never heard about before, pavone. Once again, I am in love. I can't stop loving and looking at the teal version of what would otherwise be a simple snake skin pump. Leave it to Miu Miu to come up with a curved heel and an amazing color and there you have it, a killer pump! And a Miu Miu addict for life!

This pumps are available via Mytheresa for 460 Euro.


Ruffled Leather Jacket


If I lived in a city in which I could wear a leather jacket on a regular basis, I would consider such a beautiful jacket. This jacket, among many other Miu Miu items, is one of the reasons I love Miu Miu: simple with a twist and a young design. I really really like it. Available here for 1990 Euro.