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Eye Candy #179 - Miu Miu Resort 2012 Clothing, Bags and Accessories

Did I say I was going to be back in 2012? I guess I didn't think of the fabulous Miu Miu Resort 2012 collection when I decided that.

It's so great I just have to post pictures I found online about this fantastic collection. Love it!

Pictures credit: Mizhattan



Coming Back - 2012! 


We will be back with full Miu Miu coverage in early 2012!

In the meantime, you can always shop for Miu Miu here.


New Bag Arrivals at Mytheresa - Mughetto Mini Bow, Nappa Aviator in Argilla and More! 


Mughetto Mini Bow

We know so far that Mughetto is going nowhere because every season it keeps making a comeback in delicious glazed calfskin. I know some of you like lambskin better and I agree it looks more polished and elegant but I am a glazed calfskin lover for life. I like easy and I like not having to take much care of my bags so the glazed touch adds to this. Other than that, it's nice to still see Mughetto in a mini bow for Fall 2011. Available for 840 Euro here.


I am sorry but there's just no way in the world Miu Miu is gonna make me love the Nappa Aviator in Argilla. This is the one bag that I don't really care least not today. Not loving it. I have a volatile sense of what I like and I am not feeling this bag. If you don't agree with me and love it (and hey, you have every right to love it!) you can find it online for 995 Euro.


There's also a St. Cocco Lux Wallet in Palissandro available online. Classic style in a seasonal shade. What's not to love? Retails for 280 Euro here.


Suede and Glitter Peep Toes! 


Yay for suede and glitter peep toes now available online! All I can think is I am Dorothy and I am off to see the wizard in super nice black suede and glitter Miu Miu pumps. Of course, the curved heel is a bonus I can't help but love! Available via Mytheresa for 395 Euro.


And Even More Miu Miu Resort 2012!