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New Sale Bags at Mytheresa! - Small Paillette Bag and Denim Shoulder Bag! 


I know this wasn't on sale yesterday but I am not going to complain! It's so nice to get online and find new Miu Miu handbags on sale for nice prices! Wohoooo!!! The Denim Shoulder Bag is  on sale for 405 Euro.


Why is this not sold out yet? The Small Paillette Bag is still available and on sale for 559 Euro.


Eye Candy #173 - Plexiglass and Crystal Clip on Earrings and Necklace from Fall 2011


Christmas is here! That's is really all I can think about when I see this earrings, Christmas, as they remind me of a mistletoe. Maybe that's the idea, who knows, but the truth is, I like them!

In fact, I like them so much I have a matching necklace to share! The earrings are available at the European Net a Porter for 220 pounds. The necklace is not yet available for online purchase anywhere that I know of. But still, it's eye candy so enjoy!!


Pelouche Faux Fur and Leather Shoulder Miu Miu Bag from Fall 2011


Since yesterday, it is available at Net a Porter, the Pelouche Faux Fur shoulder bag from Miu Miu's Fall line. I am happy the fur is not real; if it was it would be very expensive, but besides that, the only comment I have are the color choices. Orange and purple? I have a feeling I will look like I just came out of a Barney episode. And, I like bags I can wear both in fall as well as summer so a faux fur bag is limited to fall. Yes, it's Miu Miu, but I am not liking it very much.

Being such an addict, of course I have more eye candy to share about this bag. Check it out below in two other color choices. I don't know which one is worse!! Available via Net a Porter for 720 pounds.



Eye Candy #172 - Metallic Flower Keychain from Spring 2011



Don't you want one? Not only as a key chain but just to carry it in your purse, it's adorable! I have to admit though that I like the hearts and apples from the resort collection better. And, I am happy I bought an apple key chain when I could! 

More Miu Miu accessories for sale here.


New Miu Miu Pre Fall 2011 Bags - Incluiding Mini Bows! 


Matelasse clutch in Argilla. Argilla has been around since Fall 2010 and it has been so popular it's still around. I need new colors though! Anyways, it's a classic Miu Miu clutch in a really nice shade. Retails for 325 Euro (it's sold out for Germany but not sold out for the US from what I see on my screen.) 



Rubino Mini Bow: dear Miu Miu, I love Rubino, Rosso and Lacca, and although I own a Rubino bag, I am ready for a new shade of red! Retails for 840 Euro (yes, 840, thats a lot!) Oh yes, and it's also available in Malva, a really nice shade of bright pink. Find it here.



And I saved the best for last: a grigio clutch! Well, it's not really new, it's just "another" matelasse wristlet clutch BUT the color is really nice! Being a grey lover, it's just so cool to find anything in Grigio online. It's one of those Miu Miu colors I can't get enough of but can't be found so easily. Love it! Found here for 270 Euro.