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Miu Miu Fall 2014 Runway Bags

Here are some Miu Miu Fall 2014 handbags as seen on the runway. The words "trapuntata" and "laminata" are music to my hears when it comes to Miu Miu handbags.

But I have my heart set on the Cloud Bag. Experience tells me that bags get old and in a couple of years they are no longer fashionable or "it" bags, but I am willing to risk it with the Cloud bag. That's how much I like it.

As for the ones pictured here, the trapuntata below is my favorite. Quilted handbags remain a constant source of happiness for this crazy Miu Miu addict gal. 


Miu Miu Editorials Featuring Fall 2014

Vogue Italia July 2014 by Tom Munro

Jalouse July-August 2014

Elle UK August 2014.



Miu Miu Opens Store in Saint Tropez 

Just in time for summer, Miu Miu has opened a new store in Saint Tropez. The new store is located at Rue François Sibilli, the street to go shopping while are you are in Saint Tropez. As usual, it was designed by architect Roberto Roberto Baciocchi in the classic gold damask. And though it's not a big store, you can find clothing, bags and shoes in the store.


Miu Miu Collection Croisière 2014/15 - Backstage

Miu Miu has shared pictures of it's Croisière collection, backstage edition. Here is the gallery with all the backstage pictures available as of now. I am oficially getting old as I don't recognize the models anymore! 

All I have to say is: the 60's + embellishments + flowers + crochet + paisley prints galore = one fine Miu Miu collection. 


Miu Miu Fall 2014 Displays - Color blocked Cloud Bag on Display! 

Through the years I have learned the hard way that it is best to abstain oneself from spending too much on a bag. But the Cloud bag is making this almost impossible! How many Miu Miu bags that have a zipper and that can be carried over the shoulder have you seen before? Yes, none!

Here is the Cloud Bag displayed in Paris as posted by Girl in Miu Miu. How I wish the SA's on Miu Miu's 57th in New York had been nice to me. I would have bought me a Cloud Bag no doubt!

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