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Miu Miu Bow Bag Colors For Fall 2013




I don't own a Miu Miu Bow but with the new amazing Loto color I cant help but loving it. I have always said that though I love the bag it's just not for me and I've never been tempted to buy one. Yes, weird I know. Here are some of the up and coming colors for Fall 2013 (or Pre Fall, which in terms of colors is just the same.)

Most of them are available for sale here.

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Miu Miu Bow Bag Colors for Spring 2013


There are a couple of Miu Miu bow bags available at the Miu Miu store online: I see rosa, nero, palissandro and cammeo. But for Spring 2013 some specific Bow Bag colors that will be available are: limone, edera (remember the bow bag from the Spring 2010 ads?), turchese, papaya and lacca. Lacca seems to be big this season. And limone is the color of the season as well so it's no surprise it's there.

Bow satchel shopping? Here!





Mini Bow Bag Colors For Spring 2012

Mini Bow in Bluette

Mini Bow in Cipria

The Miu Miu Mini Bow colors that are and will be available this Spring 2012 are: Nero (black), Bluette (dark blue), Mughetto (pink), Pietra (stone), Cipria, Pervinca (blue), Cannella (brown), Pomice and Talco (white.)

Other regular Bow bags are available for sale here.

Mini Bow in Mughetto

Mini Bow in Nero


Bow Bag in Mare! 


The new Mare color is to die for. This Spring, between Mare, Lago and Acquamarina I don't know which one I like best. And to think of the smell of the vitello lux of this bag in this beautiful color makes me want one so bad!

Available here for 1100 Euro.


Bow Bag in Pomice

I think this is the first season in which there are so many Bow Bags available online. Now, there's a Pomice vesion available as well. An instant classic if you ask me. It first came out two years ago (I my math is correct,) and to this day it's a really nice color. It's never as good as Allumnio but it's available and it's as close as it gets. The only thing I don't like is that it's a light color and I don't like having to baby my bags. As much as I love Miu Miu, I admit I am not very careful with my bags, Miu Miu or not.

Available here for 1100 Euro.