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Miu Miu's Nappa Biker Rasso Clutch

Miu Miu's Nappa Biker Rasso Clutch.

Here is yet another Miu Miu bag that deserves to be seen and admired in real life. A Miu Miu satin rasso clutch in nero is always a good idea. What I don't understand about Miu Miu's rasso is why they are not making more of them! Honestly, from the Nappa Biker line, the rasso version is the second best because leather wins all the way. And though the Nappa Biker is a big deal this year, I still love the Cloud Bag more. Too bad my birthday is not until December.

Anyways, this gorgeous Rasso Clutch is available via Mytheresa for 650 Euro.



Miu Miu Editorials #246 - L'Officiel 

Someone at L'Officiel went shopping at Miu Miu. I like it though I wish they had taken a cloud bag instead!


Embellished Leather Clutch 

Have you all seen this clutch in real life? If not, run to your nearest Miu Miu store and try it on. It's as gorgeous as any Miu Miu bag and more. And though it might seem small from the pictures, I tell you, it is not. It is the right size to go out. And it is beautiful! It creates a statement without being too crazy or too crowded. I did try it on a couple of weeks ago but I know myself, and I know I would never wear it. Either way, it's gorgeous! And if you feel black is too dark, it also comes in other colors. Check out the pink in stores. The black one can be purchased HERE for 1200 Euro.


Stacy Martin Miu Miu Fall 2014 Campaign Featuring Vitello Soft Bag

Another image of the Stacy Martin for Miu Miu Fall 2014 campaign I hadn't seen. Stacy is carrying a huge Vitello Soft tote that is also part of the Spring 2014 collection. So far, the Cloud bag is winning!

You can shop Miu Miu HERE.

There is another image of Stacy Martin with the colorblocked Cloud Bag but I can't seem to find it anywhere! And I didnt' save it when I saw it!


Miu Miu Sale Handbags - Nappa Biker Clutches 50% Off! 


Miu Miu Textured Leather Tote on sale for 1365 USD. It is also available in black. This one is from Fall 2013.

Craquele on sale for USD 1043.


Bow Glazed Leather Bag on sale for USD 413 (remember the Bow Bag is discontinued.) 

Matelasse Silver Hardware Tote on sale for USD 1281 (Hello classic-gorgeous Miu Miu, welcome to mamma!) 

Leather Bag from Fall 2013 on sale for 1074 USD. 

Nappa Biker Clutch on sale for USD 510. The best deal of them all! 

Leather Tote with silver hardware and a zipper on sale for USD 870 (Another amazing deal!)

Glazed Leather Bag on sale for USD 1186. This one is also available in light grey. 

Excuse me, why are this handbags still on sale? Could someone please explain to me? If I wasn't broke I would be buying me some Craquele right away! I see Matelasse as well as silver hardware, craquele and Biker clutches, all on sale! the Biker Clutches are 50% off! 

Of course, there are dozens of Miu Miu shoes on sale, but handbags are my thing so I am just posting the hanbags. I could go barefoot but never without a nice bag!

Shop the Miu Miu sale HERE